Saturday, April 11, 2009

Post #3

Write a post on one of these topics. Feel free to move from question to question, and take the time and space that you need. Remember to keep reading and commenting on each other's posts. 

1) We've talked a lot about social and economic class. What does this mean to you on a personal level: how would you describe your class background, or your class as you were growing up? Rich? Poor? Working class? Middle class? What does the term you chose mean to you? How did the adults around you feel about class? Do you think there is such a thing as "working class" or "middle class" values? Have your values and/or political beliefs been shaped by class?

2) Growing up, what did you notice about gender and work? In other words, did the men you grew up around do one kind of work, and the women another? Did you grow up with ideas about what kind of work men and women should do? Has gender shaped your own goals in terms of work? 


  1. Working and Gender i did when i was growing up. I used to see my father go to work when my mother would stay home and take care of me and my brother. While growing up I thought that was normal for women to stay home cook and clean and take care of the children. My mother stayed at home with us for a couple of years then she when to work. My mother used to take of elderly patients. My father was a seaman always traveling. I really didnt look at what positions men or women did until i joined the work in my last year of high school. I work in a department store for a couple of months as a sales girl. Now when i look back the women would be on the sales floor helping customers when the men would be at the back unloading the trucks. Looking back gender did play a role in our life. Before only women would become nurses now today you see men as a nurse. I guess while growing up men had to do mucho men work when the women did women duties like cook and clean.

  2. In response to your comment on Post #3, I do tend to receive reactions from others about going into a field where a majority of women occupy the positions. From the men, I get this..."Damn, you're lucky, you can't go wrong!"(if you catch my drift)
    The women, they usually ask for my own thoughts of it, and those thoughts are...(censored)
    I'm kidding, I really am! I just respond with the idea that I am not here for the women, I am here to build the aptitude necessary to get my career going in the future.
    No one has yet said that it was of lower status, or unmanly. Strange enough, they admire my choice to want assist those that are mentally impaired.

  3. I consider my situation as working class only because, In my home my parent struggle to make ends met but on the other hand we are not on the street homeless, not straving and wondering were are next meal coming from. Well, i can only speak for myself about how i feel about class; that if there wasn't one we would be consider all the same and we are not. Some do better than other, doesn't making any different as far as im better person but living wise it is. Oh yes, i believe there is working class values as much as middle class values. I like not to think so but has be shape on the categories of class.

  4. Sexes is always a playing a role in my family. Men should be a men means that men is a bread winner and should be able to stand up and be able to take care of the family. Female should be able to clean and cook for the family. I believe that our family belong to a working class perhaps below because our income consider in a low wage category. But my aunt, auncle and my cousins are living in same roof or house. If we total our gross income all together we're okay. Some people say that there is no more middle class especially living in New York. If I think about it they are right. A single person in New York can not lives without a roommates. The cost of living is so high. There's always struggle no matter what if we belong to a low wage crateria. It is sad but thats the way its we have to deal with it. Prof. T said in class in America there'a always a social mobility and thats im doing it right now. I want to move up and get a career that i can depend on.

  5. Well I grew up in a house mostly filled with women, but as a child I always taught that women were suppose to cook, clean, and take care of all house chore duties while the men were suppose to provide for the family by working and controlling all the financial needs of the home. I was given the perception that women belong in the home and only the men work. Later on in life my whole perception changed I now believe that it is ok for women to go out and work to support her family, that sexual diferences should not matter in a household as long as each person is willing to take care of the family and create an stable decent living for the family.

  6. well growing up the women always had to do all the work while the men only had to get a job and come home thats it. women had to cook clean bring the food to their uncles husbands brothers who ever was a man. and i am not married and i am very rebellious about this method to this very day. we couldnt play with the boys we couldnt stay outside for to long even if it was right on the stoop. we souldnt do much all they wanted us to do was stay in and help the adult women with the cleaning and watching the kid.

    now since my mother was a single mother i had to step in as a part- time mother and watch, feed, and take care of my little sisters which was annoying cause i wanted to have fun. i was always punished for wanting to be with the boys but it was only because i was born at a time when there was only boys in my family. my little girl cousin was still to little for me to play with so i was always with my boy cousins. i couldnt go anywhere without my little sisters and it wasnt fair because they werent my kids. but w.e

    i played alot of sports when i was younger because i loved being with my godfather and his sons(my cousins). and i was able to beat all of their butts and that i was skinny and they were fat lol... they were all afraid of me and i knew since i was younger that i can do whatever a man can do as long as i try and can master the job. so i am different from the women in my family because i have alot of more backbone then they are and would speak up if i see something wrong that really bothers me or offense me. so although i clean and cook and do all that other girly stuff i also am more of a dude in that i spend more time out of home instead of being at home. my brother came out more like the girl then i did sorry to say lol.. he likes being home he cooks he doesnt clean though and he doesnt play sports .. he just likes watching tv... i have always tried to make him more active and he is now 21 and going out alittle lol.. im 20 now and i have done more then him. so although i didnt come out to be the house wife my family tried to bring me out to be. they have a respect for em because i am different and do what i want pretty much.
    my family is very old fashioned and although they are tryin to keep it that way my younger cousins have become just as rebellious as i was when i was younger and do what they want at the same time lol.