Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Post #5

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1) How are you a part of the global economy? Think about a typical day: the work you do, the services you use, the products you consume. How are you connected to the issues raised in the film Mardi Gras Made in China and/or the essay "Love and Gold"? Feel free to include your personal responses to these texts as well.

2) We've read a variety of stories about work. Soon, you'll do a project centered around interviewing someone about their work. What kind of work are you interested in learning more about? Brainstorm people you know who you might like to interview. Ideally, they should have been in their area of work for a while, or have worked a variety of jobs.


  1. Everyday I uses product that made in china from my kitchen to my living room. Large American manufacturing are already in china. In my crib i noticed my kitchen utensils and decorations in my living room are made from china. Before i didnt paying attention where my stuff made from but after I saw the movie i started looking and more alert. Im really surprised because most plastic material are made from china and i can't imagine the plastic factory can harm people's health. i think we are part of the global economy. Almost everything we own are from the third world country. The third world made our stuff and we are spoiled consumers uses it and dont pay no mind about the hard work and sweat that the people in the factory they been through.

  2. In responds to mommyand me...I can totally agree because i just look at clothing and material things not from where it come from. Then since the film all i do now is check the thing i but and where there from. I wonder the people and china or any other country for the matter had to go through.I think how good we have it. I me there are peolpe here that are going through problems but in these third world countries have it worst.

  3. well in my family no one does anything exciting or interesting or new to me.... they either do hair, they work in a bank, a grocery store, a sneaker store, retail clothing store, meat market, security you know or they stood home watching children. i never wanted to interview teachers because it seemed simple and boring. i always wanted to interview doctors lik surgeons, gynecologist, foot doctors, you know anything in the medical field. and i always did when i was younger visiting each doctor i had to go to i would always ask question lol.

    now i am 20 still full of curiousity and with a commited relationship of 3 yrs and 2 going on 3 months. i meet people who work in offices and hospitals and electrician stuff or auto machanics and school busdrivers and they are making the reaaaal money lol. so now i have all these stories being told to me and it is great.

    but i want to interview my boyfriends dad because he is a school bus driver for mental/ physically challenged kids. and he always has so many stories to tell and hes already 63 i think and ive never seen anyone over 45 in my family working sad to say. so i was shocked when i met my boyfriends dad and saw how old he was and how young my boyfriend chris was. everyone i usually met had kids at young ages but here are these ppl completely different from what im used to and thats y i would like to interview him.

  4. I feel the same way mommyandme and D.Carter I too look at the clothes and things wondering what the people who made them, have to go threw, how many hours them spend day after day working in horrible conditions. We consumers are spoiled, living in the higher paying life, better than the third world country. But if the factory works in china every hope to have a better working conditions and higher paid then they need to put their foot down and demand more than what their getting and not be afriad to work together and fight.
    Throughout history people have been fighting for samething to change and if factory works want thing to change then they have to fight, make a difference like in Take where works were taking back their jobs, one woman work had Cancer and she was still out there in the streets making a stand.