Sunday, May 3, 2009

Post 6: Essay 3 Questions

First a reminder: in addition to adding posts to your own blog, please scan the blogs linked along the left-hand side and leave some comments for your colleagues. Lots of interesting stuff out there to respond to.

Post 6 is the question stage of Essay #3. Be sure you've completed your brainstorming exercise when you do this post. Do the post after our class on questions (Monday May 4th or Tuesday the 5th depending on your section). After completing your post, look for my comments before completing the interview.

Your post should have two parts:

1) What is your research question(s)? In other words, what are you trying to figure out with your interview that will connect to course texts and themes? Think about our list of key terms.
You might have a few research questions: think about their relation to one another.
2) Brainstorm a list of interview questions. These are questions you will actually use in the interview. They will relate to your key terms but may not include them directly (although they might). You want to have about ten interview questions. You might include follow-ups. Keep in mind that rather than reading down your list of questions, you'll want to adjust and add questions based on what your interviewee tells you.


  1. Answer post 6 list of interview questions

    What do you think it takes to be a waitress?

    How long have you been a waitress?

    Why are you a waitress?

    Do you look at your tip after you serve one table, or do you wait until the end of the day when you are finshed with all your tables?

    Do you think waitressing is a competitive position?

    Think the other girls are jealous of you?

  2. These are a few quetion i had in mind....

    - Why did you fell that being a stripper was an option?

    - Did you look into other alturnatives? If so why you think you not get the job oppurtunity?

    -If that's so, why take the easy way out and jeoperady everything that's inportant in your life for money.

    -Was it because the money was decent enough for you and also because maybe you get some exposier perhaps?