Friday, May 8, 2009


Some folks have been wondering about making up absences, helping out your participation grade, getting extra practice on getting into the flow of writing, and so forth. One thing you can always do is additional posts. Here are some possibilities:

1) Link to a newspaper article, blog post or news story related to work or issues we've been talking about and give your reaction.

2) Leave comments! Read your colleagues' blogs, down the side of this one. Look at the comments and leave one. Especially helpful if you're in the process of working on your research and/or interview questions.

3) If you were at the budget hearing on Thursday, give your thoughts about the events and/or how budget cuts and/or tuition hikes would affect you and your thoughts about this.

Want to express thoughts to your elected officials about funding for CUNY? Follow this link: and look at the first item.

4) Did something happen at your job that relates to things we've been discussing? Tell us about it.

5) Listen to some of the interviews at Share your thoughts about the interviews and what makes Terkel a good interviewer.

6) Anything else!

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