Friday, May 15, 2009

More Bonus Posts!

Some more topics to mull over as we build to the research essays and the Exit Exam . . . . 

1) This  is a very interesting article about another kind of emotional labor, right here in NYC, with interesting connections to the idea of status and social class. What do you think? 

2) In this NY Times article that we looked at in class, the author writes, "The famous labor struggles of American history call to mind collapsing mineshafts and machine gunners posted on factory roofs, not mandatory telephone sign-offs recited in attractive, air-conditioned offices."  But many of us might not have any image in mind of  "the famous labor struggles of American history." Think about your history classes and/or do a little quick internet research: what are some famous examples of strikes or other labor struggles from U.S. history? Examples from other countries? What, if anything, did you learn about this in high school?
3) Remember your syllabus? At the top I say something about the squatting toad. Another fun little internet research project: what do you think I was talking about? What do you make of it? 

4) What important work-related issues haven't we talked about enough, that I should include the next time I teach this class? 


  1. This article reminds me of mardi gradi its sad that this behavior still happens in newyork city. to see that immigrants still doesn't get treating like they are less than any body else. Ia person doesn't speak english they get paid less. That's funny cause when i apply for a job they usally wants people to speak spanish and they are usally paid more. some people take advantage of the fact that their employees speaks spanish and english. I always thought knowing both langauges was a plus.

  2. I think you're right - knowing two languages is a plus. Unfortunately, immigrants who don't speak English as fluently can be vulnerable to the kinds of things we see in this article.

  3. can we use some of the articles u post here for our research papers?

  4. Absolutely, Gabby - they're yours!